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Happiness…is just a choice

Happiness…is just a choice

It comes a moment in life when we realize that being alive is not enough to be, because we finally understand that we need to live our life, we need to do something that makes us feel fulfilled, we need to listen more to our inner voice, we have to get up out of bed and start creating the journey of our own life, and it has to be the best journey we could ever dream about.

It comes a moment when we start to speak less and understand more, when we stop finding excuses and create more possibilities.

It comes a moment when we want to achieve more in life because we finally realize that we can do it, we can live the life of our dreams and we start to work with joy and devotion to make it true!

We all have been through a lot, we all had good and bad days, but life goes on, no matter if we understand that or not.

We all had struggled but we also had our victories and because of that is easy to understand that rainy days are only temporary and the sun will soon come up and spread his wings of light and faith in our lives.

In the last period of time I have been thinking about what life really is and the only answer that come out of my mind was: a choice.

We are the ones that pick the color of the clothes that we will be wearing, right? Well, here is the same. We are the ones who decide what colors we will use to paint our days.

Is up to us to decide if we will put a nice, lovable smile on our face or not.

I understood, finally, that things will just keep happening into our lives.

We can’t control everything. In fact, we can’t control anything, but our mood, our attitude, our own way to look at the world that surround us yes. We can control them.

We can paint them wisely with lovely colors!

We can choose to be positive, to have faith, to hope and love!

We can choose to feel grateful for all the blessings from our lives, like being healthy, being surrounded by great people, for having fun, for being able to do the things we want to do when we want to.

That is why I have decided to improve the way I see and understand life.

I will try my best to understand my spiritual needs and I will accomplish them with love and gratitude.

We all have a choice and the birth right to happiness!

So what your choice is? I am waiting for your answer.

Until next article, I wish you all the best! Be positive! Be well!


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