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Love is acceptance!

Love is acceptance!

Love means we can do whatever we believe is right and still be respected and appreciated for who we are, even when others do not agree with us!

Love means we can listen advices from our dearest friends and still be able to make our own decisions even if we don’t make what they expect us to!

Love means giving without waiting to recieve!

Love is when you care more about your dear ones than about your own goals!

Love is more affection and less attachment!

Love is more listening and caring about others feelings than trying to be right!

Love is when you prove your devotion in silence, not when you just talk about it!

Love means loyalty and respect!

Love is more communicating and sharing each others emotions!

Love is when you think more about you and your loved one benefits more than you think about your only one benefit!

Love is when we understand that even if we share some life experiences, we are still being human and we need to be able to take our own decisions, even if our partner doesn’t agree with us!

Love is joy, beauty and fulfilment!

Love is when you look in the other eyes and you feel like you are home no matter where life has brought you!!

Love is when you are sure that no matter what tomorrow may bring, you are safe, because your loving partner will be by your side, he will give you strenght and support to overcame any kind of obstacles!

Love means freedom!

Being loved means being free to be ourselves without being afraid of being judged. Love is real when both of the partners can be free to express their feeling, their thoughts and still be accepted the way they are.

Being in love means living a free life, a life that fits you and fulfils you and your partner!

When you truly love someone you love it for whom he/she really is, and you would never ever change anything about that, because his/her uniqueness has conquered your heart!

Love is sharing good and bad moments, and still be happy together!

What do you think about that? I am waiting for your answer.

Thank you for reading my thoughts!

Have a nice day!

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